Hardwood Wrench

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The Hardwood Wrench™ is the most advanced board straightening tool ever created. Give yourself the freedom of installing fasteners with ease with a tool that easily cam locks into place for true "One-Man Installation." With a pushing force of around 1100 lbs., the Hardwood Wrench™ gives you up to 8x more bending power than other deck board straightening tools.

Handle and joist pins have been re-designed giving you the ability to straighten deck boards from both left or right hand direction. This can be useful when you need to straighten a board on the outside of your deck frame.

10 Configurations:

  1.     Right hand single joist
  2.     Right hand double joist
  3.     Right hand reverse handle single joist
  4.     Right hand reverse handle double joist
  5.     Left hand single joist
  6.     Left hand double joist
  7.     Left hand reverse handle single joist
  8.     Left hand reverse handle double joist
  9.     Right hand furring
  10.     Left hand furring