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Transform Your Outdoor Living Area with Real Hardwood Deck Tiles

Ipe Depot Deck Tiles® are inexpensive and easy to install, but those aren’t the only reasons you want to buy them. When you remodel your old patio, balcony, or rooftop with real wood deck tiles from Ipe Depot®, you get a genuinely beautiful space that lasts. You could just paint over your existing surface, but you want something better and more natural.

Our modular deck systems give you benefits that include:

  • An easy installation process that takes hours, not days
  • Years of hassle-free use with minimal maintenance
  • A solid solution to renovating concrete decks & patios
  • The flexibility to take your deck with you to your next home
  • All the durability & resilience of standard decking
  • No need for deck framing in most applications

How To Install Deck Tiles

Ipe Depot Deck Tiles™ from Ipe Depot are a perfect Do-It-Yourself decking solution. These easy to install tiles can transform your outdoor living space in as little as a single afternoon.

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