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Convenient Hardwood Plug Cutting On The Job Site!

There you are, on the job site, ready to install the last row of deck boards. You know they will be secured with plugged countersunk screw holes, and then on to oiling the deck with Ipe Oil®. Then, realize you can’t finish today because you are short 2 hardwood plugs! You know this deck installation needs to be finished today. It’s a tough spot to be in.

What if you could reach in your toolbox and grab a bit that quickly cuts wooden plugs on site? A tool that not only cuts wood plugs but one that is sharp enough to cut imported hardwoods? The DeckWise® Premium Hardwood Plug Cutter is the right toolbox addition to finish any decking job, today, instead of next week.

Available in two popular sizes: 3/8" & 1/2"
DeckWise 1/2 Plug Cutter
Size: 1/2"
Anti-skate Design

Patented self-centering design with spring-loaded guide pin that helps stabilize cutting, while eliminating scoring and roughing of wood surfaces.
Extra Sharp Cutting Teeth

Extra sharp teeth designed specifically to cut through exotic hardwoods. Achieve a smooth tapered plug even with the most dense hardwoods, such as Ipe.
Job Site Convenience

Not only are DeckWise® Hardwood Plug Cutters convenient for on the job use, but they also allow contractors to cut custom plugs. Fresh cut plugs on the job will guarantee a perfect match of color and grain characteristics for hardwood boards being used on site.