Synergy Wood® Red Grandis™

Collection: Synergy Wood® Red Grandis™

Synergy Collection: Red Grandis - High Quality, Tropical, Consistent and Durable

Red Grandis is a premium tropical hardwood valued for its consistent color and durability. It has a naturally beautiful grain pattern with a uniform texture. Red Grandis makes an excellent substitute for Select Cypress.

Synergy Wood® manufactures pre-finished wood paneling for ceilings and walls used by homeowners and contractors, eliminating the unforeseen challenges of finishing wood at the jobsite.  Our products create a warm and inviting space for our customers to enjoy for years to come.

Each board has a 5” face (+/- 1/16th”) width. Available in V-Joint tongue & groove pattern. Packaged in 4 piece bundles.

  • Standard Grade available.
  • Handcrafted and pre-finished wood planks
  • No sanding or staining needed!
  • 6 artisan colors.
  • Tongue & Groove, End-Matched
  • Easy to install, low waste
  • V-Joint and Nickel Joint pattern
  • Water-based, Zero VOC finish
  • Proudly made in America

Synergy Wood® is made from real wood: Variations in the wood, which can include knot structure, grain color, and grain patterns, should be expected and is where the beauty of real wood comes from. These variations in the wood are the reason real wood is chosen to beautify a home.

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