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teak decking arrivedTeak Decking Has Arrived!!!

High-End, Environmentally Conscious Decking

Teak (Tectona grandis) is found all over the world, in southeast Asia, the East Indies, Africa, and America. Our Teak is grown in 20–50 year plantations, which means you’ll get the hardest, most durable wood without harming the environment. It’s a 100% renewable product guaranteed to last!

Teak is lighter than Ipe in both color and weight. Its color ranges from yellow brown to dark golden brown, darkening with age. Because it is less dense than Ipe, Teak is also generally easier to work with.

True, Genuine Teak Decking

Many people seek out genuine Teak, as some companies try to pawn off lesser quality woods such as Afrormosia Genuine Teak when it’s not even related. When in doubt the lumber world refers to the botanical Latin name which is Tectona Grandis. All of the teak we sell is of the Tectona Grandis botanical.

Teak Decking Specifications

Teak Hardness
Tigerwood hardness
Teak Lifespan
Tigerwood lifespan
Teak Bending Strength
Tigerwood bending

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