1 x 4 +Plus® Ipe Wood Decking (21mm x 4)

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1 x 4 +Plus® Ipe Wood Decking

1 x 4 +Plus® Ipe is a little thicker than our standard 1x which has a nominal thickness of 3/4" the fact that it is a little thicker makes it a little more stable for areas that receive harsh weather.

Ipe wood decking from is all premium grade decking material... Don't be fooled by lower grade, cheap alternatives that our competition offers! We service a broad range of customers from homeowners and residential contractors to large commercial developers.

Ipe Wood Decking offers benefits such as:

  • Low maintenance decking material
  • Durable, scratch resistant surface
  • All natural, chemical free decking
  • Up to a 75 year lifespan
  • Resists wood boring insects
  • Up to a Class A fire rating for flame spread